Individual psychological counselling for adults (eng)

How can psychological counselling or therapy thelp you?

Therapy is an authentic experience that you live with a psychologist with the purpose of reducing some problems or conflicts that exist in your mind. Also, counselling helps you have a better relationship with yourself, be happier and to live a better life in all of the important aspects of your life.

Therapy in individual emotional problems

Therapy can help you solve the problems that you confront yourself with. In this case, I point out the so called psychological problems or emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, problems regarding weight or sleep, problems regarding addictions and other emotional problems.

This kind of emotional problems, I call them “temporary emotional problems” because they are pretty common and they produce suffering for people, but with patience and doing the necessary actions to solve this problems, they will dissapear or they will be less impactful on your wellbeing, so that you can continue your life having great mental health.

Therapy in contextual problems

Therapy is efficient in contextual problems like normal life problems which can trigger emotional crises, for example: problems with parents, problems in relationships, problems at work place, losing somebody or exceptional life events like Covid-19, the mass hysteria that it created, so people got depressed or anxious as a result of the news and isolation.

Therapy in problems about social relationships with others

Therapy in problems about social sphere can be ones that cause difficulty relating with other people, either parents, difficulties to form relationships and maintain them or difficulty being social at work or to make friends.

Personal development

Throughout years, I read a lot of personal development articles, books, bloggers, writers and watch videos and for me personally I believe that it helped a lot because I’ve gathered information about different topics that are really useful right now. I really believe that the international trend of personal development is gathering a lot of followers because it works and people actually improve their lives when they read and apply some personal development advice. I actually started reading personal development advice about 11 years ago, so then, I went to University of Psychology and started this blog. Probably, without the trend of personal development, I would never have studied psychology.

The principal idea of personal development is to become better in what you do, to develop some abilities and competences, to further develop your personality, to find better jobs which fit you better and to raise the quality of your life, to become happier and to reach your deepest fantasies, dreams and ambitions.

Therapy can be one of the best investments hat you can make in your life. Why?

The idea is pretty simple. You will spend in your own body and mind. You will become better in time and you will become better in what you do, some of your problems will get better just because of time. You’ve got the oppurtunity to discuss about your life, your thoughts and emotions in a safe and secure space, where you won’t feel judged for what you say and what you are with someone who is specialized in mental therapy.

The most important factor for the success of therapy is the relationship or the connection between client and psychotherapist. This is scientifically called  “therapeutic alliance”. That means that you feel comfortable with the psychologist, to trust that the psychological process will bring results and to believe there will be good changes in the process of psychotherapy.

The steps of therapy with me as psychologist

Everything starts from the client

Important for me is what the client needs, what are his/hers needs, why he/she wanted to come in therapy, what problems he/she wants to solve, what aspects of life does the client want to work on. This is obvious, but psychologists don’t read minds, but through communication and cooperation, we can identify better more objectively what are the needs, desires of the client and how the client can transform his life for the better. so that life can become better in internal or external fields.

My approach of psychological process  consists of different forms of therapy, having an integrative approach and I utilize different forms of therapy  depending on context. So, I use different elements of humanistic psychology such as the belief that each person is unique and that each person possesses a complex personality, having both qualities and bad characteristics. I believe that people have freedom of thought and they are motivated to fulfill their potential. The name of my blog is based on this belief, the idea to turn your potential in reality; elements of existentialism such as authenticity and finding purpose in life, elements of CBT or cognitive-behavioral therapy which means using the rational part of the brain to change the way you think and your behaviour, therapy based on action and solutions, elements of positive psychology which represents a new science which appeared at the end of XX century which studies wellbeing, quality of life and happiness.

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