Important update regarding the language that I’m writing in

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Hello. This is Alex Combei. Probably, this is the most serious post that I’ve ever written.

I decided to change the language that I’m writing from romanian to english.

The main reason is that I made what I consider to be important discoveries in my field of work and I want to share them with people from around the world, not only with people from my country.

I must tell you that my english is not native and I will maybe make grammatical errors from time to time.

Regarding past articles, they were all written in romanian and I used a WordPress plugin to translate them, but they have some grammatical errors pretty often. It would take too much time for me to translate all of them with no errors, so yeah, if you want to read them, expect them to have some errors.

So, starting this article all my articles will be in english.

If I don’t change my mind again :))

So, for new readers, I’ll translate the last 2 articles in order to catch a glimpse of what I’m writing about.

And another important update is that psychotherapy sessions will be available both in romanian and english.

Peace for all,

Alex Combei

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